Pure Vitamin Club Turns 5 – The Winners

Wow, we can’t believe we’ve turned 5 already!

Thank you all so much for celebrating along with us. As you probably know by now, we ran a little birthday contest…so we could learn exactly how we’ve helped YOU over the last 5 years.

Below, you’ll find a list of the winners AND some of their great stories about how they use Pure Vitamin Club product to improve their lives, each and every day.

Who Won?

We had a ton of great entries, but only some of you could win!

If You see your name below (you’ll be getting an email as well), you’re one of the lucky 25 who won one of our swag packages!

Pure Vitamin Club Swag Winners

  • Lawrence from Honolulu, HI
    • Thanks PVC! Between you guys and LCHF I feel better than I was ten years ago!
  • Jeff from Moline, IL
    • I started using PVC about 4 years ago and I felt refreshed after taking my magnesium pill at night and daily multi every morning. Had to cut back on spending a year or so ago but I plan on renewing my subscription soon!
  • Melissa from Lansing, MI
    • I love your products, especially the Ultra Salt and the magnesium. I love that they don’t contain any junk ingredients.
  • Jane from Somerset, CA
    • Despite a keto diet I experienced nighttime leg cramps frequently. I bought salt tablets, magnesium and potassium supplements and found the right combination of the three. Since using Ultra Salt I have been able to stop buying salt tabs and potassium supplements. One US a day seems to do the trick, along with PVC magnesium. In fact, the cost of US is comparable or less than the 2 other pills a I was taking…and no junk in the capsule. Win-win.
  • Lisa from Nashville, TN
  • Brian from Paradise Valley, AZ
    • Ever since I heard Vinnie on the Adam and Dr. Drew show 4 years ago, I have been following NSNG. Before hopping on NSNG, I was overweight, tired, and I suffered a stress reaction in my foot. Since being on NSNG, I lost 40 lbs., my energy level is back, and I feel the best I have ever felt. I also decided to try PVC’s MVI and Mg++ when I started my journey. I read how magnesium and a good multivitamin may help folks who are on a LCHF diet (NSNG). I have to attribute part of my success to PVC vitamins as I have felt great after taking them. When the D3 supplement came out, I was very excited. I was so happy to throw out the Nature Made Vitamin D that I was taking after comparing the ingredients to PVC’s Vitamin D. There is no comparison. PVC’s vitamins are the purest around. I sometimes spot-check different brands of vitamins when I shop. To this day, PVC’s vitamins are second to none. You have a customer for life. Thank you for doing something that no other company has ever done.
  • Thomas from Louisville, KY
    • My doc said I needed a D and a B supplement and that a good mutli vitamin wouldn’t hurt either. Been a pure Vitamin customer, client, fan and advocate since they came out of the gate! Trying to get my wife to join the PVC club too but she insists on spending lots of money on a range of supplements from numerous dubious sources whose ingredient list requires a degree in chemistry and polysyllabic word sleuthing. PVC just works and nothing is added except a genuine concern for providing the best to their customers. Continued Success!
  • Terry from Regina, SK
    • I’m a multiple Ironman, cyclist and runner who discovered No Sugar No Grains and wanted to get off the conventional sugary, hydration products train. I discovered Pure Vitamin Club by listening to Vinnie Tortorich’s podcast, and started using the UltraSalt and Broad Spectrum Magnesium products for my endurance activities and the daily multi vitamin and Vitamin D. The subscription option made having a steady supply easy! I can’t imagine not having Pure Vitamin Club products as part of my daily routine!
  • Ted from Middletown, MD
    • Your magnismim supplement is the best my wife and I have taking everyday for years She really feels the difference when she misses a day or two.
  • Rob from Madison, OH
    • I don’t have a miraculous health story but as it’s an appreciation for vinnie and Andy and those that work to get his message out. I conformed to nsng (better adherence as time goes on) and full compliment of vitamins. Starting with daily multi cap and most recently starting my 5 yr old on children’s product ( which she looks forward to taking as it’s same ( in her eyes) as her daddy. Me). As I am a runner and went years with minimal improvement. But following training and nutrition advice including vitamins from fitness confidential podcast I made leaps of progress in 4 months. Dropping 40 lb 4.5 inches off waist and I enjoy every day to the fullest. Prior. This past March I was hoping each day was my last but now I make most of each day fearing it is my last. I am way more relaxed calm and I enjoy everything. Even bad stuff as it makes me stronger and smarter to figure ways through the difficult situations. I feel like the movie Rudy where before I wasn’t hitting my goals but now I realize it’s the benefits I receive from chasing goals ( mine is to qualify for Boston marathon). I now notice in chasing that goal I am extending my life thru health and fitness and also enjoying my life along the way in direct effect of fitness confidential and pure vitamin club as I originally targeted fitness goals. And now my wife and daughter are picking up eating selections I’m choosing. Altering their life path. Thanks to everything I have been exposed to thru both FC and Pure vitamin club I am putting life into living and doing it with enthusiasms. I wanted to express my gratitude and I already received my prize My improved life. Thank you to everyone.
  • Jason from Aurora, OH
    • Hi Vinnie and Andy, I truly love your passion and that is way I buy PVC. There is so much health and nutrition science out there. However, Vinnie is bringing the best researchers/scientists/physicians onto his podcast to discuss the science of nutrition and health. The more I read and the further along I get in life, the more complicated health and science become. Am I eating the nutrients my body needs? I do not know…. Therefore, I think it is prudent to supplement my diet. I have used other vitamins in the past, but they had fillers that I knew were not “great.” I TRUST Vinnie and Andy. They use only the purest sources to make PVC products. There are steps Vinnie and Andy took to ensure the quality of their products by following Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). I take the multi-cap, magnesium, D, and B-12. I do not notice anything physically or mentally when I am taking them. However, I do not feel a little different when I stop taking them. Love you guys, Jason Scoufield
  • Edward from Alexandria, VA
    • PVC is the company I most trust for my vitamin needs. I use the PVC magnesium and vitamin D – they are well formulated with no cheap or unhealthy ingredients and they are reasonably priced. PVC will continue to be my first choice in shopping for vitamins & minerals.
  • Beth from Ft. Lauderdale, FL
    • Every time, I come to the States (I live in Brazil), I stock up on PVC vitamins. I have to have enough for me to take (make all the difference in my energy levels…60, cancer survivor, workout at least 5 days a week and run 5-8km 3x a week) and I like to have extra to share with my cardiologist -doctor-son and others. I need to order more Ultra Salt and D3 for presents. Glad to share and spread the word about these great products in Brazil.
  • Robin from Aliso Viejo, CA
    • The almost nightly foot and leg cramps I used to experience have gone away since I have been taking a daily dose of magnesium, thank you!
  • Cynthia from Middletown, RI
    • I have looked high and low for a Children’s vitamin without sugar in it. The Pure Vitamin Club Children’s Multicap cane to the rescue! My kids have told me that they actually feel better since starting on the PVC kid’s vitamin. I feel better knowing I can have them taking a quality product without having to worry about all that nasty sugar!!! Thank you PVC!
  • Gina from Ashland, MO
    • I have been taking the multivitamin, magnesium, and vitamin D for years and I love these products. Keep up the good work Vinnie and Andy! Would love to see a prenatal or a men’s fertility support mix.
  • Edward from Lebanon, OH
    • I used the Ultra Salt every hour while I completed my first (and last lol) marathon. The 2019 Bank of America Marathon. Thank you Andy, for the advice at the Air Force Marathon Expo.
  • Lauren from Gilberts, IL
    • Half Dome loves Ultra Salts 🙂 After 10.5 hours, 18 miles, 8,800 feet elevation this summer – I couldn’t have survived without my Ultra Salts!
  • David from Tyrone, PA
    • PVC has helped me a great deal in the almost 4 years that I have been taking them. The Beyoncé of the group has really helped me and my family the most. I’m a part time runner, my daughter plays multiple sports, Softball and Basketball mostly and my son uses the Ultra Salt also for Football and running events that he runs with me. Thanks guys for such a great product and being genuine. Love it!
  • Tige from Boulder, CO

I know, I Know, I can hear you now……these stories are GREAT and swag is cool and all…..but what about the grand prize?

Who Won The Grand Prize:

This prize was selected based on feedback from the team here at Pure Vitamin Club and we’re happy to announce Cortney from Tumwater, WA is the winner!
Not only did she make sure to let us know how much our products and team have helped her out….but she also roped her kids into saying thanks, check them out below.