Why Titanium Dioxide Belongs in Paint and Not in Your Vitamins

When people take nutritional supplements, they do so because they believe they will be beneficial for their health. There’s an expectation that the ingredients put into those supplements will be carefully chosen and formulated. Unfortunately, that just isn’t always the case. That’s the reason we created Pure Vitamin Club. Virtually every other brand on the market contains all manner of unnecessary ingredients. If you’ve ever really looked at the details on the label of your supplements, you’ve likely seen a list of the main ingredients, inside a box, showing what quantity of each ingredient is contained in the formula.


But what about that little section underneath the box, where they list the “Other Ingredients.” Those are the ingredients that have nothing to do with the health benefits the supplement is meant to provide. They’re there for a number of reasons – as “filler,” to fill up the capsule or tablet, as “excipients,” or “flow agents,” to make the ingredients flow through the mixing machinery more smoothly (and therefore more inexpensively), and as preservatives. None of these are remotely necessary, and can even be harmful.


But perhaps the worst of these “Other Ingredients,” which you will find in a great many products on the market, is something called “Titanium Dioxide.” Titanium Dioxide is what is known as a “nanoparticle,” and it is used as a “mineral whitener.” That’s right – it’s put into your supplements to strip out the natural color, so that they can then put in an artificial color, usually because somebody in the marketing department decided that the product would sell better if it were just the right shade of beige, or orange, or whatever they settle on. This means, by the way, that when you see Titanium Dioxide on the label, you’ll also see some sort of artificial coloring agent.

The problem with Titanium Dioxide is that it is very dangerous, and should never be ingested. It has been indicated in such diverse ailments as Crohn’s Disease (a nasty disease of the colon), and even colon cancer. It has also been shown to cause kidney damage, and is implicated in immune function problems.


Do you know what other products contain Titanium Dioxide? Would you believe paint? Yes, it’s what’s used to make that nice white paint SO white. It’s also used in many sunscreen products (where it also doesn’t belong and is unnecessary, carrying with it serious health risks).

So leave the Titanium Dioxide for when you want those kitchen walls to be extra white and shiny, but don’t put it in your body. Pure Vitamin Club products will never contain Titanium Dioxide, or for that matter any “other ingredient” – only the actual nutrients your body needs to maintain optimal health.